Han & Jablonski 2010 Journal of Ethology

Role of body size in dominance interactions between male water striders, Aquarius paludum

Water striders are a model system for the study of sexual size dimorphism, but the effect of body size on the dominance relationship between individuals has not been experimentally tested. In 34 staged contests between males of the water strider Aquarius paludum , we determined the effect of body size difference between contestants on the outcome of the aggressive interactions. In contests between a large and a small male, the larger individuals won the interactions significantly more often than expected by chance. This is the first experimental evidence for the importance of body size in pair-wise contests among water striders.

Han CS & Jablonski PG. 2010. Role of body size in dominance interactions between male water striders, Aquarius paludum. Journal of Ethology 28(2): 389-392. doi: 10.1007/s10164-009-0194-4.


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